Saturday, January 11, 2014

Jesus Christ!

I love the blue-eyed Jesus with wavy, golden hair you see hung in most 'Born Again' living rooms... some even believe he was a wealthy man and not a preacher of what we'd call, 'Socialism' today. The typical Jew of his time was a short man, of dark brown eyes and black hair. Below is an image of what anthropologists suggest Jesus looked like-
Wouldn't see much of this guy hanging around the house... maybe working in the yard.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Religious Experience

After hearing of Kevin Ayers ascencion, RIPE Fellow Bananaman. Glistening to his collection of psalms, I thought of those joyful UFO gatherings in London with The Incredible Soft Pink Experience. Spoken words from Glissando Amico Daevid Allen one evening on Pat Fish's aquatic temple terrace (SB circa '80) told me of a UFO experience with John the Beatle, James of EXP and Syd of Cambridge; Three shiny souls that have all gained Sainthood in the Eternal Hood of The Sixties Sound. Kevin's First Single, 'A Religious Experience' was retitled 'Singing a Song in the Morning'... thank the rising sun. Let's all Bless the poignantly appointed heads of Syd for playing guitar, Robert Wyatt E and those unsung sirens, Patsy Kleinentobeleibe and Ana Swei... Fellow Followers of Le Banane Lune Chapter 9

Friday, April 27, 2012

Christian Prog Rock

More frightening than a Hellbound's locomotive breath, CPR. I shiver cringe as if in the presence of the Second Coming of Kenny Rogers.